Wildlife Management

Hunting on the ORR


Deer, waterfowl, and turkey hunts, managed by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, are held annually on the ORR.

ORWMA deer hunt 2019 results:

Bucks 125 (56.6%)
Does 96 (43.4%)

Total 221

The largest buck for the year: 181 lbs.
The most points for the year: 15
The largest doe for the year: 112 lbs.

None of the 221 deer were retained by personnel at the checking station due to internal radiological contamination.

ORWMA deer hunts are limited to 1050 hunters per weekend (600 archery & 450 shotgun/muzzleloader permit holders), preselected in a quota drawing. Hunting is allowed from 30 minutes before official sunrise until 30 minutes after official sunset.

Greenways in designated hunt zones are closed to the public during scouting times and on hunt dates (signs to that effect will be posted on the greenways). More information is on the Deer Hunt website.

Other Information